A Cutting Edge High Performance Team Cohesion Program
Created by Julie Hruska



Catalyst is a groundbreaking program meticulously designed to enhance team cohesion and propel your team towards unprecedented success. In just half a day, this collaborative  workshop creates a space where every team member's voice is valued and heard. With a focus on vision, core values, mindset mastery, communication, and team cohesion, catalyst equips your team with the tools necessary to overcome obstacles, amplify performance, and achieve championship- level success on and off the field.
Catalyst provides a comprehensive foundation for high performing teams, offering inclusive participation, accessibility for all team members, ongoing support, and a lasting impact. Through this transformativ experience, your team will develop a high performing culture, improved cohesion, enhanced communication, and sustained development. The workshop goals include cultivating clarity of vision, identifying core values, promoting accountability, amplifying community impact, and developing an unwavering commitment to excellence.
Catalyst is ideal for new team compositions seeking to accelerate cohesion, veteran teams aiming for championship status, and struggling teams in need of a reboot. Optional long term coaching engagements are available for teams looking to sustain growth and development at a higher level. With catalyst, you will elevate your team's performance, strengthen collaboration, and cultivate a high- performance culture that breeds champions and leads to victory.


CATALYST stands apart as a cutting edge, innovative, comprehensive and data driven solution to address team dynamics. It's a game changing program with a lasting impact.
. Inclusive: Involves all team members, regardless of background, experience, rank, seniority, age, title, or any other differentiating features.
· Accessible: Does not require special skills or talents to participate, making it suitable for everyone on the team.
. Ongoing Support: Offers opportunities for ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, and support.
. Lasting Impact: Sparks positive transformation in just half a day and provides materials that leaders can use to sustain and develop the transformation for months and years to come.


Vision: Define and articulate a shared vision for the season and beyond
Core Values: Identify and adopt core values that align with your team's mission and purpose.
Mindset Mastery: Overcome limiting beliefs that may hinder individual and team performance, fostering a growth mindset for continuous improvement. Learn cultivate and maintain laser focus amidst intense game play.
Communication and Collaboration: Enhance communication skills, manage conflict effectively, and build collaborative relationships within the team.
Team Cohesion: Develop a unified team that operates with synergy, trust, and a shared sense of purpose, enabling them to achieve high performance and championship success both on and off the court.


Workshop Attendees
• All players, coaches, and applicable support staff
Who is this right for?
• New team compositions looking to accelerate cohesion and hit the ground running.
• Veteran teams aiming for excellence, working to solidify their team dynamics
and become champions.
• Struggling teams seeking a reboot, reenergize, and re engage with purpose, insight,
and a plan to resolve problems.


Promote Accountability:

  • Accountability and dependability will be promoted among team members, ensuring everyone takes ownership of their actions and commitments.
    • Through mutual accountability, trust and respect will flourish, strengthening team cohesion and fostering a culture of excellence.

Amplify Community Impact:

  • The workshop will highlight the team's impact on the community it serves, reinforcing the importance of representing the team with integrity and pride.
  • By recognizing their role as ambassadors of their community, team members will be motivated to uphold high standards of character and conduct both on and off the court.

Cultivate Clarity of Vision

  • The team will envision what it means to represent the team as an individual and as an integral part of the team, fostering a deep sense of purpose and identity.
  • Through collaborative efforts, a clear and compelling collective vision for the season and beyond will be created, guiding the team towards unified goals and aspirations.

Identify Core Values:

  • Team members will reflect on their expectations of themselves and each other, identifying core values that embody the team's mission and purpose.
  • These core values will serve as guiding principles, shaping behavior and decisions to
    cultivate a cohesive and values-driven team culture.

Develop an Unwavering Commitment to Excellence:

  • Each player and staff member will commit to the agreements developed in this collaborative workshop, demonstrating unwavering dedication to the team's collective vision and core values.
  • Through shared commitment and mutual accountability, the team will cultivate a culture of excellence, driving championship success and making a positive impact both within the team and in the community.